SATs for Year 6

Information for Y6 Parents – 2018

Children take tests in

(Previously there have been tests in Writing and Science but not in last 7 years, some schools are requested to take sample tests.)

Assessments in 2018

The 2018 Key Stage 2 tests will take place from 14-17 May. Schools have been asked to keep this period free for administering the tests.  It is in your child’s interest if you can avoid holidays, days off, dental appointments, etc. during that week.

Arrangements for Reading and GPS

Arrangements for Maths

The mathematics test consists of:

Children’s marks from all three tests are aggregated (110 marks) to calculate their overall mathematics score.

Scaled score

Children will be given a scaled score.

A scaled score of 100 will represent ‘expected’.

These should be available by the first week of July.

Teacher assessment

You will also receive the results of our teacher assessments for writing, reading mathematics and science.

Time table for Assessment week

Monday 14th May

Grammar Punctuation & Spelling 

Paper 1 short answer – 45 min

Paper 2 spelling – 15 min

Tuesday 15th May


1 hour

Wednesday 16th May


Maths Paper 1 Arithmetic

Maths Paper 2 Reasoning


30 minutes

40 minutes

Thursday 17th May

Maths Paper 3 Reasoning

40 minutes