School Lunch Menu

Our school dinners are cooked on site using fresh and local produce where possible. The attached menu shows the three week menu rota. Parents are welcome to talk to Heather and Adelaide in the kitchen about any particular needs their children may have.

There are occasional promotional dinners which tie in with special events, the menu for which is included in the school letter the week before. Parents are always welcome to sample dinners, just a call to the office to pre book a meal is required.

All children in KS1 are entitled to free school meals.  The cost of a school dinner is £2.10 per day for all KS2 children.

School Menu

School lunch menu for Autumn 2018

Allergen Information

Packed Lunches

Packed lunches should contain a balanced meal. Lunchtime food should provide energy which will sustain the children for the afternoon session of school, both physically and mentally. Foods which are high in sugar give the body a short-lived boost in energy, followed by a period of low energy – neither of which is suitable for children who have an active afternoon within the classroom. Some children react badly to a rush of sugar and there can be a marked difference in their concentration and behaviour in class. For these reasons we ask that packed lunches are healthy lunches, and have developed the following guidelines:

Drinks which keep children hydrated are encouraged – water is the healthiest option for this.
Carbohydrates can be included in a range of healthy options: e.g. wholemeal sandwiches; wholemeal & white bread sandwiches; bagel, pitta bread, tortilla wraps, crackers, rice-cakes, cous-cous salad, pasta salad, etc.
‘Sweet’ snacks could be items such as fruit, e.g. raisins, cereal bars, homemade cakes or muffins, etc.
We encourage parents to do their best to provide a healthy, balanced packed lunch in line with the healthy eating messages we are promoting at school.