The Daily Mile

Dear Parent

As you will probably be aware from recent coverage in the press, there is growing concern around physical inactivity and childhood obesity in the UK.

As a school, we recognise we have an important role in encouraging children to be active and are keen to provide opportunities for the children to build this into their habits/lives at an early age.

With the help of the Outdoor Partnerships Service at Shropshire Council; we would like to introduce an initiative called ‘The Daily Mile’ for all the children in Corvedale CE Primary school and ensure its benefits are available for everyone. In order to do this, we need your support.

So, what exactly is ‘The Daily Mile’ and what does it mean for your child?

The Daily Mile was started in February 2012 by the head teacher of a large Scottish Primary school, who was concerned by the children’s poor fitness. This simple approach proved to be both sustainable and effective. The Daily Mile has since been adopted by well over 1000 schools in the UK – proving to be very popular with children, parents and teachers - and is attracting strong interest overseas.

The beauty of this approach is it is so simple and has been shown to be really beneficial. Without wasting time to change into kit, every child in the school goes out every school day in the fresh air to run, jog or walk for 15 minutes; supervised by the teaching, support staff and volunteers. 

How / Where: We plan to achieve this by completing laps of the school track / playground on the school site

When: The Daily Mile will become an integral part of the children’s school day and will occur during the school day to enable all the school to take part. It will take place come rain or shine, with the children donning the appropriate clothing. So please make sure your child comes with a coat and suitable footwear each day, so that they do not need to change footwear to undertake the Daily Mile. Obviously in exceptional weather conditions where it is deemed inappropriate or unsafe to do the daily mile, we will either reschedule during the day if possible or omit that day.

Ethos and Benefits: It is inclusive and non-competitive. Most children average a mile, with some doing more and some doing less. It is not PE, sport or cross-country but a physical activity which is aimed at improving the children's physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing. It can help children to focus and concentrate in the classroom and raise their attainment.

When do we aim to start the Daily Mile? We would like to commence this from Tuesday 8th May 2018. As a school, we are really excited about this new initiative and we are looking forward to the benefits it will bring to your child/children.

You can find out more about how it works by visiting the website:

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.