Corvedale News Article June 2019

Article for Corvedale News and Ripples Magazines June 2019 editions

It is one of our aims that we as school promote the love and care for the environment both within the school grounds and the surrounding areas. By supporting and preserving existing habitats and creating new ones we hope that the school buildings and grounds will become a haven for wildlife.

In those few moments of peace and quiet we can observe some fabulous sights. I’m delighted that the swallows have returned to nest in the eaves of the school hall. The mess they leave can be counteracted with the amazing spectacle of wide open mouths of their babies waiting to be fed all in view for our children to see. Many of the nest boxes around school are now inhabited. I’ve spotted sparrows, blue tits and flycatchers using the boxes, and there must be house martins, wagtails, chaffinches, robins and blackbirds nesting somewhere nearby as they can be seen foraging in and around the field and playground.

The new school pond has already begun to attract plenty of wildlife. We have deliberately left the pond to fill on its own and for plants and animals to be introduced naturally. There are many invertebrates, pond skaters and diving beetles as well as newts and frogs in evidence this spring. The local bird population visit frequently. This week we’ve seen the swallows landing to collect mud to build their nests. We have started log and stone piles inside the pond area and we have some young hedging plants to heel in around the perimeter too.

A game of rounders with our Y6 class on Monday, was interrupted by a strange noise emanating from just behind the back stop. (Not from one of our Year Sixes!) Play stopped, as we investigated. In the grass we noticed a movement and quite a commotion was ensuing as two voles were have quite heated argument totally oblivious to myself and the children watching on. In addition to this squirrels will visit the playground after the children have left, perhaps searching for the odd morsel of discarded fruit.

Jonathan Brough
Corvedale CE Primary School