October 2020 Corvedale News Item

Corvedale News & Ripples Magazine article October edition 2020

School opened for the new year on Thursday 3rd September. Everyone at the school was delighted that all children were able to return at that time and we are now establishing systems and routines that are quickly becoming the new norm.

Our first priority when the children came into school has been to help them settle back into school life so they can become confident and happy learners. For the first part of the term we are exploring feelings and focusing on basic skills especially putting a strong emphasis on reading enjoyment and learning to read.

In Class 1 our main ‘Theme’ this term is Storytelling. This ties in perfectly with our strong emphasis on reading enjoyment and is our history focus. We will investigate the history of books and storytelling with a big emphasis on exploring fun traditional tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk.

Class 2’s topic is ‘Castles’ – they will learn about local castles but unfortunately they will not be able to do a school trip this term – maybe they could do a chunk of the Three Castles Walk!

Class 3 have a double theme; in History learning about the Anglo Saxons, who they were, where they came from and about the artefacts they left behind. This was also the time of Illuminated Manuscripts, which may even help our handwriting! In Geography the study is Mountains – different types with different features and how people must adapt to live there.

In Class 4 our oldest children’s history lessons pose the question ‘How important was the Battle of Britain?’ This ties in with the 80th anniversary of the battle during World War 2. We study the causes of the war, the main events with a focus on the battle of Britain and the period that followed commonly referred to as the blitz. If anyone has any information about how WW2 affected the Corvedale I’d love to hear from you. Later in the term we focus on the geography of the United Kingdom. We will learn that the United Kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We will study each country learning about its many physical features, including mountain ranges, rivers and coastlines. We will also focus on the number of ways power is generated in the UK.

The renovations to our two oldest classrooms were completed on time. The classrooms had new ceilings, new LED lighting, the sink units have been replaced, new display boards and a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Our thanks to Brian and his team from Onny Developments who carried out the works, as well as Matt from PR Associates who orchestrated things on our behalf.

Our school pond is looking healthier these days. In June we planted a variety of native pond plants bought from Puddleplants in Llandeilo. It was a bit dry and the water level was still low when we received the plants so we kept them in a holding pond (Class 1’s sandpit!) and I’m pleased that they have established well over the summer. We countered the drop in water level by having a feed pipe installed – thanks to Jonathan Povell – this collects rainwater from the canopy and feeds into the pond via an underground pipe. It has meant that water levels are now rising again and we’re expecting the pond to be full by the middle of the winter.


Stay safe and well.


 J Brough