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  • Leavers assembly Wednesday @ 2pm

Welcome to Corvedale School Class One.

There are fourteen children in our class. Seven in Reception and seven in Year One.

Mrs Rook is our Class Teacher and Mrs Morgan, Mrs Davies and Miss Morgan are the Class Teaching Assistants. Mrs Smith also assists with teaching on a Thursday Morning.

Morning Routine: The children enter the building through Classroom 1's outside door. The Children are then supported (when needed) to organised their belongings and settle into a morning activity that may be involve a set task or free play.  Once the teacher has taken the register the first lesson will begin straight after.

Home/School Communication: You can contact teaching staff directly via email or through the school office.

Mrs Rook: sue.rook@corvedaleprimary.co.uk

Lesson resources for spelling are from Spelling Shed www.spellingshed.com and for maths, Bond Builder and  Table Trainer are available from NumberGym www.numbergym.co.uk

PE Lessons: PE lessons with Mr Jack Croton are on Friday mornings and dance lessons with Holly are on Tuesdays. The children are encouraged to wear the correct kit. Children need a royal blue T-shirt & shorts and PE shoes (pumps or trainers) for sports activities. Tracksuits may be worn for outdoor PE.  


Year 1: Reading as often as possible with books changed on demand. Phonics Phase 5 Practice books given out at beginning of term - children work through phonemes and activities as they are covered in class. Homework for Maths (Key Recall Facts - KiRFs) given out at the start of each half-term. 

Reception: Reading as often as possible with books changed on demand. Phonics Phase 2 Practice books refreshed weekly as we work through the Phonemes in class to encourage correct pronunciation. Homework for Maths, number recognition home learning activity sheets with fun games and activity suggestions given out as we work through the numerals in class. 

End of the day routines: Children will exit from the class 1 door when called and are then join parents through the side gate on the school field. Parents wait on the playground. Children leaving on the buses are collected from the classroom and children attending after school club are guided to the club next door.