Our Church

Our school has a deeply embedded sense of itself as a Church school community.  We have longstanding and mutually beneficial links with our local parish churches – St Peter's, Diddlebury, All Saints, Culmington and St Michael's, Munslow.  Our whole school ethos is founded on our Christian values and we explicitly link our mission statement to our Christian values through our collective worship planning and our approach to teaching and learning. ​

As a Church school we are profoundly committed to cherishing each child and community member.  We are building a community where children and staff grow together with healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy spirits.

Religious EducationThe Church

The school serves the parishes of Culmington, Diddlebury, Munslow and Stanton Lacy. The Incumbent of these parishes, Reverend John Beesley, regularly visit the school.

As a Church of England Aided School, Religious Education has a particular consideration within the curriculum. The school is working to the Shropshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education and teaching is assisted by guidance from the Hereford Diocese.

As part of the Religious Education syllabus taught within the school, the traditions and practices of other faiths, including Christianity, are explored.
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Collective Worship

Collective worship takes place each day in the school hall and is led by different members of staff. The two incumbants both take an assembly once a week.

The Festivals of Harvest, Christmas and Easter are celebrated in each of the four Parish Churches. This works on a rota basis so all children have the opportunity to worship in their own Parish Church. These occasions are attended by Parents and Governors and reflect the wish of the school community to retain close links with its four Ecclesiastical Parishes and for the children to identify with the school's Church of England Foundation.

Parents have a legal right to withdraw their child from collective worship and from all or part of the Religious Education. Where this is requested an alternative arrangement would be made for their supervision.


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